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tv   BBC World News  BBC America  November 5, 2014 7:00am-8:01am EST

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hello. you're watching "gmt" on bbc world news. i'm karin. obama's midterm blues turn red as republicans win control of the senate. with both houses of congress now under republican control, what will it mean for president obama's final two years in office? >> this experiment in big government has lasted long enough.
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[ applause ] it's time to go in a new direction. i'm live on capitol hill where everyone is asking will the republican controlled congress work with president obama or will it obstruct him? also coming up. we'll be live at the huge new ebola treatment center in sierra leone asking how it might help slow down the outbreak. a man shot dead by police in jerusalem after driving his car into a crowd of people. we'll go there live for the latest. also on the program, aaron is here looking at why midterm results are here for high stakes. >> it's important because we're talking about the world's largest economy. now effectively it has a president who will struggle to get these policies approved. remember the debt ceiling debacle last year? stay tuned because we're going to find out if we're more in for
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more of the same. midday here in london, 12:00 noon sierra leone and 7:00 a.m. washington where the u.s. is waking up to a power shift after the midterm elections. the republican party has made sweeping gains. they control both houses of congress. they'll be able to shape the direction of president obama's last two years in office. let's have a look at snub numb the senate. republicans have gained seven so far. 51 are needed for a majority. democratic party retain 45 of 100 seats with the independents. the party took a bigger ma jurorty in house of representatives. republicans have 243. democratic party on 175. that's a gain of 10 so far. let's get the latest at the bbc
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on capitol hill with laura. >> well, karin, this morning, republicans are celebrating. democrats are licking their wounds. the exit polling showed voters were anxious about the state of the u.s. economy even though it's growing and even though unemployment is dropping. voters disapproved of president obama's performance while he's been in office. also crucially that coalition of voters that turned out for president obama in 2008 and in 2012 just stayed at home. young voters, women, minority voters didn't turn out in such large numbers. here's our correspondent on the action packed night. >> the high stakes were in the battle for america's upper house of congress, the u.s. senate. the results came in and it was
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clear this wasn't a good night for barack obama's democratic party as they lost key seat across the country. >> west virginia is one of the first tonight. west virginia has done it right. >> the state elected the first republican senator in more than half a century. >> it's time to turn this country around. in a contested race in kentucky, republican mitch mcconnel held his seat. as top republican in the senate, we'll remain a thorn in president obama's side. >> tonight kentucky said we can do better as a nation. tonight they said we can have real change in washington, real change. >> i'm not president obama. i disagree with him. >> with a price tag of $4 billion, this was the most expensive midterm election ever. it was also seen as a verdict on
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president obama with his approval rating at a record low. many of his own party distance add themselves from him. even that didn't help democrats on the night. >> 12 years ago the people of arkansas gave me the greatest privilege of my life to represent them in the united states senate. those years were filled with some hardships and some difficult decisions. two wars, the most severe economic downturn in my lifetime, and an exploding national debt. >> as well as deciding which politicians will turn up to work, these elections determine what policies are passed in the next two years. it's been tough for president obama to back key reforms. it looks like his final years in office and the chance for him to shape his legacy will be even tougher. bbc news at capitol hill in washington. >> joining me now to discuss what all of this means is political reporter from time
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magazine. i know you've been up all night. thanks for being here. what's behind this better than expected republican performance? >> the turnout among democrats. women, minorities, younger voters staying home in greater numbers. also republicans being able to drive out versus older male voters. dissatisfaction with washington in general contributed to last night. >> in washington and across the country, microphone are wondering what is this going to mean now that republicans are in control of the senate and mcconnel is majority leader. are they going to work with president obama? >> the first thing is going to be like the keystone pipeline blocked up by the regulatory review. trade promotion authority which allows trade negotiation. fast track with asia with the european union.
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those are priorities locked up democrats in the senate. >> how about immigration reform, the hot button issue. barack obama wants to do something about it. republicans need to for 2016. what's going to happen? >> that's the million dollar question. by the end of the year, how this ma a jo majority will be how they set up for 2016. they have to open up hispanic voters. they need to find a way to say yes. at the same time, a lot of people elected last night were elected just to say no. that's going to be their challenge. >> how about on foreign policy? the president is in charge of foreign policy. with thlooming deal, what does this result mean for that? >> certainly this was a result
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the house was looking for. this is going to make it harder to go through congress. the white house says to go through congress, this is the longer term end of this deal. initially they'll work by themselves. a it comes together and b it isle followed through. certainly a year and a half from now, whatever those moves are, the list of sanctions would have to come. they might not have the vote. >> what does this result mean or tell us about who the candidates might be for presidential race in 2016? >> republicans are equal aparter ins in owning washington, owning the dysfunction likely to remain here. last night didn't change that. you're going to see the big night last night, republican governors, can chris christie set a cap last night. governors like john casic ran up the margin in ohio. he's going to have a story to tell. walker lived another day to talk in wisconsin.
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those are people a lot of people are talking about today. washington is going to be in trouble. >> thank you very much indeed. we didn't get time to discuss who the democratic candidate might be? will it be hillary? >> laura, thank you very much in washington. we're going to keep you up top date with the developments and results as they happen here on bbc world news. there's also special coverage on our website with full election results and a analysis from our correspondents let's bring you up to date with other stories from around the world. leaders of malaysia and netherlands have vowed to keep pressing for access of crash site in ukraine where the flight was shot down. a visit to malaysia by the dutch prime minister. nearly 300 were a board when it crashed in july, most from the
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netherlands. the body of the freelance journalist is exhumed for investigation into his death. he was shot can dead in army custody over a month ago. he had been reporting on clashes. the army says he was working for a rebel army and they shot him when he tried to escape. his family says he was just a reporter. amateur footage of violent protests in the capital last week which led to the resignation of the president. the footage shows clashes between police and protestors exchanging tear gas and rocks. it comes a it has presidents prepare to visit the country to urge the military to return to rule as soon as possible. stay with us here on bbc. still to come. how this robot penguin is helping a team of scientists learn more about the lives of shy wild life in the antarctic. goal is to grow.
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a man has been shot dead by police in jerusalem after driving into a crowd of pedestrians getting off a tram. police say he then drove on before getting out of his car and attacking people with a metal rod. let's talk to yolande knell in gentlem gentlemen reduce help. >> this is an area already extremely uneasy. what we're hearing from police is first of all a palestinian driver tried to run down three israeli police officers crossing the street. he then rammed his car into a platform for the light railway line can which runs through this part of the city on the border
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of the city. at least a dozen are injured. there's a confirmed report one has been killed. the driver drove on a short distance before he got out of his car with an iron rod. at this point he was shot and killed by security forces. this is happening two weeks a a similar attack in a nearby location in which an israeli baby was killed and also a foreign tourist was badly injured and later died of her wounds. so it's coming also after several months as we've seen tensions rising because of continued policy of settlement expansion by the israeli government in east jerusalem. of course settlements are illegal under international law. israel disputes that. there's been almost daily clashes over access to the mosque compounds in the old city of gentlemen reduce ljerusalem.
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the protests were dispersed this morning. >> talk us through what happened there in the last few hours at the mosque. >> what we hear from the israeli police is that this was a riot by palestinians at mosque compound known of course to jews as temple mounds. palestinians say this was a sit-in and there were worshippers there at the mosque trying to stop the approach of right wing jewish activists coming to what they call temple mounds. it is of course the holiest site for jews. this is a week after one of these activists was shot and badly wounded by a palestinian man. this man calls it controversial for jews to go to pray temple mounds. this holy site where the mosque is now standing.
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he has called also in the past for this site to be opened up for the recreation of jewish temple there. of course jerusalem is always at the heart of israel palestinian conflict. we have seen repeatedly in the last few weeks how quickly tensions can flair up here. >> thank you very much. the united nations says significant progress is being made in the fight against ebola in parts of west africa. the head of the mission for ebola response says more help is still needed. today the uk has opened the first of six centers it's building in sierra leone. the british government is one of the biggest aid donors to the ebola outbreak. the site will be run by the government and charity save the children. let's go to the center now. hello to my colleague there. >> reporter: yes, hello from
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kerry town. we're on the outskirts of the capital free town. this 80 bed british built and paid for ebola treatment center is officially open. i have to say just eight weeks ago this whole site was scrub land a green jungle. british soldiers managed to construct across the 7.1 acre site a facility that hopefully will be at the forefront of the battle against ebola. doors opened officially 8:00 this morning. there had been in the run up to today's opening a local media campaign advising people they should not turn up on mass to get treatment here. it will be a phased introduction into the community. today a handful of people would be allowed in. already people have been coming in off the street. one person we understand potentially with ebola.
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high fever, diarrhea was carried in by a family member. two other people have turned up as well. facilities are not 100% ready. some of that treatment will take a place slightly outside the actual area here. clearly there's a need for this facility and public making it clear through turning up here already this morning that it is very vital indeed. let's have a chat with the bbc reporter here in sierra leone. hello to you. thanks for being with us. sum up in your opinion how important the opening of this center could well be. >> i believe it's going to be a game changer in the fight against ebola particularly in the capital of free town. at the moment, this area where this facility is one of three hot spots in sierra leone. there's about 60% everyday of infection. you have this facility to take
7:19 am
this all those people that test positive for ebola. i suppose from the northern province there is not a single ebola bed in the whole of northern sierra leone. this is hopefully going to be a game change area if medics are prompted here. >> this only has 80 beds. you're talking about infection rate of 60 a day. the hope is that the other treatment centers that british are going to build around the country will take slack off this particular part of sierra leone. >> it's going to take slack off. the program where the army runs 20 minutes from here. they have been overwhelmed. i imagine this will have a huge case load mostly from the north of sierra leone. it's now the epicenter of this outbreak. it's going to be huge. i insist if medics are here, it's absolutely going to be a
7:20 am
game changer. that's why this ma sifacility i needed. more come in on a daily basis. >> we heard from hardy in the last day or so. he went to the particular bad area in the north. no treatment centers, month community care centers. it's almost as if the people have been left there to die. >> there's holding centers. these are running effectively as they should be. the truth is they do not have the medics they need to run them. that being the case, i imagine if testing of ebola cases is speeded up, which this facility
7:21 am
provide, it will double the number of testing facilitiefaci. physicians are confirming quickly ve quickly i can assure you in next weeks we'll get improvement in response of people with ebola. >> good to talk to you. bbc's reporter here in sierra leone. well, as i say, the facilities are now open. we're standing in the green zone. it's split into color coded areas. green zone is where ebola patients should never be admitted. any visitor has to wash their hand chlorine water solution. it's to my left here, this long
7:22 am
corridor of blue buildings that extends down to the back there. maybe about 100-150 meters or so. that is the red zone where ebola patients will be triaged. it will be determined whether or not they actually are suffering from the disease or potentially another disease with similar symptoms like malaria. they'll get the kind of treatment they need and hopefully they'll recover. remember, ebola is not necessarily a death sentence. the survival rate can rise to 60 or 70% if a potential victim gets the right nutrients and hydration they need. the hope is this facility here can provide that. with that, it's back to you. >> thank you very much. let's turn to lebanon now. the army clashed recently with militants in the northern city of tripoli in what they call the battle against terrorists. the bbc reports from baby nonle
7:23 am
border with syria. >> these are notarmy. they are members of the group a that have taken up arms to defend their community. calls for set up of local security groups have increased lately over fears of renewed attacks by jihadi groups from france and state across the border with syria. >> these men have regular jobs during the day. in the evening, they have others in a surveillance escape mission. they say they're helping to protect their village. >> memories of the reign of militia still revokes strong passion in a country that witnessed 15 years of civil war. for these men, they are on a mission to help the army secure the area. >> if we see any suspicious movement in the mountains, we alert the army. we're not here to attack anyone. we want to protect our village.
7:24 am
>> this village just across the long mountain range separating lebanon from syria. >> this man from the village tells me that behind these hills is where they expect to be attacked from. militants from france have been driven across the border and now stage attacks on lebanese army and shia group. this video recently shows militants running inside lebanon earlier this month. they killed a number of advisors before withdraws. in the battle against the jihadi militants, army seems to be facing a huge challenge. it's ill equipped but also
7:25 am
undermined from within. >> a handful of deflections have taken place with soldiers pledging allegiance accusing the military of being biassed against the sunnis. lebanon remains divided over the course of the latest clashes. for the moment, everyone seems to agree a long feared risk of spill over from syria is now a reality. bbc news beirut. weeks of speculation about his absence from the public eye and why he was limping. now the leader has been shown walking around without the aid of a walking stick. news agencies released these pictures of kim jong-un at a meeting with military officials. he didn't appear in public several weeks earlier this year and filmed using a cane when he did return.
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coming up the next half hour, more on the fallout on the u.s. midterm. republicans are riding high after they swept the senate. they've got control of both houses of congress. we'll ask now how much president obama can achieve in the last years in office. i'll be back in a couple of minutes. get intoo many people!'all! too bouncy! it's probably too far away! but with the note 4, you can always get the shot. check it out! eight times digital zoom catches every detail. woah! with optical image stabilization, you get it even in the bounciest castles. woah! isn't that amazing? and a front-facing camera so wide, you can selfie with like everyone. do you think you could send that to me? you gotta give me your number though. ok... ok! haha, oooooh! the new samsung galaxy note4, with the best camera we've ever put on a smartphone. the next big thing is here. ♪ i thought it'd be bigger. ♪
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keeping our competitors up at night. it's no wonder now, that's progressive. "gmt" here on bbc world news. our top story across the united states. people wake up to a dramatically changed political landscape. the republican party takes control of both houses of congress. we'll find out what it means for president obama. i'm live on capitol hill where everyone is asking will the congress work with president obama or against him. also on the program, aaron is back.
7:31 am
india gives off today. >> it may not be as glitzy as the one in switzerland, but it's no less important. this man won the landslide victory six months ago. narenda modi has made big promises. we'll find out what investors and business leaders at the event are saying about india's future. u.s. republicans are celebrating after they swept power in the senate in america's midterm elections. they're now in control of both houses of congress. that means the president's ability will be less strong. the republicans have gained seven seats taking their total to 52. the democratic party retains 45
7:32 am
of 100 seats with two independents. in the lower house, house of representatives, republicans took more seats retaining control. they currently have 243 with the democratic party at 175. that's a gain of ten seats so far for republicans. some of those results still to come through. let's get the latest. bbc is live on capitol hill. hello laura. >> reporter: hello. democrats definitely licking their wounds this morning. president obama is going to give a press conference this afternoon. he's going to try to explain those losses, defend his record and explain how he's going to work with republicans in the final two years he's in office. this morning, this is a completely changed political landscape. republicans are looking at their largest majority in congress potentially since world war ii. we have the numbers crunched. >> here in the results studio we've been keeping across all races.
7:33 am
it's a very good night for republicans. not only did they extend the majority in the house of representatives, they won control of the senate. that battle started very strongly in the state of kentucky when mitch mcconnel who's the most senior republican in the senate was easily re-elected. in fact republicans also took key seats from democrats in several states including in arkansas, colorado, in iowa, and in north carolina. that was actually the seat that clinched it for them and helped them deprive the democrats of their senate majority. the exact break down of the senate won't be known several weeks because of what happened here in indiana. they have special rules here. neither won more than 50% of the vote. they'll go to a run off election. that won't take place until december 6th. now, midterm elections are often a referendum on the president's popularity. with mr. obama's ratings very
7:34 am
low many democrats have suffered from being too close to him politically. now he may suffer too. the republicans are in control of both houses of congress which means they will set the agenda in washington for the next two years. >> a key man in all of that agenda setting is the new majority leader of the u.s. senate. that's mitch mcconnel, the republican from kentucky. we can go live to our correspondent in louisville, kentucky. mcconnel won more comfortably than expected last night, didn't he? >> reporter: yeah, laura, they were toasting the victory with bourbon late in the night in kentucky. it turned out to be a lopsided victory for him in the end. he really did succeed in turning this election in kentucky into a referendum on barack obama's leader ship. that worked very well.
7:35 am
he also managed to benefit from his seniority. many people looked at him, the man who was just about to become the most powerful man in the senate, and they thought let's have him represent us in kentucky. he can bring federal funding to kentucky, bring home the poor. up against him, this 35 a-year-old grime a -- 35 yeerls -- 35-year-old grimes. she wouldn't admit to voting for barack obama. farce his agenda, that's an interesting question. when the republicans won in 94, what was known as the republican revolution, gingrich came in with a very clear agenda called contract with america. everyone knew what they were
7:36 am
voting for. this time republicans have been opposing president obama. they really haven't come up with agenda of their own. mcconnel says i haven't revealed what my first play will be. cruz of texas is the darling of the tea party. he wants to be super aggressive and go after president obama. he wants an investigation into what he calls his abuse of power. there are going to be more moderate and pragmatic republicans that say no, we need to work with the president. we need to show we can govern. if we carry on policy of obstructi obstruction, we're going to get hit hard in two years time. it's interesting to see how this will play. >> nick there in louisville, kentucky. thank you very much indeed for that comprehensive overview. as nick was saying, it's not clear how the republican leadership play this is crucial relationship with president
7:37 am
obama. remember of course in 2016 there will be a presidential election. there's an incentive for republicans to work with president obama to show that they are responsible indeed for both sides to work together so they present themselves to the american people. they said we try to get around dysfunction in washington. we'll see how that goes. back to you. >> thanks very much on capitol hill. we'll stay with the u.s. midterms and reaction. arn ta aaron talks about the impact on the world. >> very important indeed. good to see you karin. good to see you out there. hello. as you've been hearing, president obama's democrats have lost control of the senate. that could effectively stop president obama from passing major laws. certainly in the remaining two years of his term. many are poised for return of
7:38 am
capitol hill stalemate. stalled trade pact as and brought the country to brink of financial fault last year. interesting to note, three state, south dakota arkansas and nebraska voted in favor to raise their minimum wage. let's get more on this. we have the global head of markets. great to have you on the program. let's get into it. what sort of policies do you think will be most impacted by a republican majority? are we talking about energy? talking about tax? anything big that will rattle the global markets? >> there's a couple of things to watch. we could see real progress there too. energy on the one hand there, keystone pipeline candidates of the u.s., that could be brought back to the agenda. republicans will be keen to push that. rewriting of tax code could be beneficial. of course the actual trade pacts in the pacific and atlantic, could be back there. mr. reed himself, harry reid blocked it from president obama.
7:39 am
president obama may be keen to compromise and push that through. >> we've been hearing trade pacts there could be a renewed push on them. we can't forget last year the debt ceiling debacle. republicans held out with that at the particular time with controlling just one house. now they've got both. you know could we see more of the same do you think? >> let's hope not. the general opinion amongst analysts and broader public that republicans were mostly to blame for shut down. it didn't work well for them. they may come out of this victory. that's the risk they overplay. one thing has changed. actually two things. political reality changed. they may consider they are much more held responsible to control congress in both chambers. secondly, economically, couple of years ago the u.s. had deficit of 10%. at the moment this year, it's said to come in 2.8% only there.
7:40 am
that is less of issue now to redrum. of course presidential elections next year. do they want to rock the boat on this one? >> exactly. that's a valid point you make. market reaction has been positive. afterhours trade in the u.s. is hinting the markets will open higher, europe has been up. does that suggest investors or market like the certainty? >> hope spring is eternal. they may be reading all positives into it. i think it's a direct reaction to the fact we didn't get a hung parliament so to speak in the u.s. sense. that is that it wasn't clear going into the election. the senate majority would be coming clear overnight. louisiana election could have been really important and could have taken us all the way to early december until we had clarity. that wasn't the case. there's clarity now. that's what the market is responding on. >> indeed. >> great to have you. it's been a long time since i've seen you. don't be a stranger.
7:41 am
>> we'll talk to you soon. let's talk about the west. the world economic forum in delhi kicks off today. i have to say, unlike the one in switzerland, it's much less a glitzy affair. hundreds of foreign investors and business leaders will be attending. it comes at a time of renewed interest in the nation it's been six months since the bjp party election led by that man there, modi. he's made big promises to reignite india's economy. state controls on fuel is modernized labor laws. they've been making serious a attempts to woo foreign investment with overseas visits to likes of china and japan. what about business leaders at the event saying about india's future? we have a report from india.
7:42 am
>> every since they came to power six months ago, they have made several economic announcements. despite all those promises to make india easier place to do business, we haven't seen big investments pouring in from companies abroad or here in india. with me is executive. you've had a lot of statements from the government in past six months. do you think there's an urgent need to see things on the ground for people that believe in this rising india story? >> i completely agree with you. government has made a lot of promises. people are saying where's the action on the ground? like any change, everything takes time. india is a large country. everything has to change. something gets done in delhi and something at state government. the change is going to be slow. what would be a good idea would be to bring in small amounts of changes. you need those big bang reforms.
7:43 am
the positive mood that is built up, you can't lose it. if you lose this energy, it would be tough the to get it back. government should come out with the most important change, ease of doing business. as you see recently, world bank brought us down eight notches from the last time. mr. modi has been to several countries, many foreign visits in last few months. a lot of promises. you don't see things on the ground? why is that? are foreign inforvestors worrie about it? >> they're not bothered about the taxes. they want to be consistent in the end. the last budget did not bring out many things for example, the retrospective tax. there was no mention on gsp. i think the government needs to come out with some policy announcement and some action on the ground of you're seeing you're going to have a road map.
7:44 am
there's consistency of policy all around. people need to get that confidence to get back. mood is positive. they're looking at this positively. investments come after we get things right. >> gfc is one thing you mentioned. that's the goods basically. it's one single tax business wants implemented quickly. if they were to see reforms, that particular reform coming in quite quickly would make them very happy. >> we're going to keep across. toyota profits rose 23% in the three month period ending in september. the sharp fall in the yen has made japanese cars has made cars cheaper for customers in u.s. and europe. we buy more. the car maker is on target for record sales this year. warner brothers studio staff
7:45 am
has been told to expect job cuts. about a tenth of the work force. time warner is under pressure to reduce costs following the fail add tempt to take over 21st century fox back in august. here's an interesting one. facebook says number of government requests for user information has surged. the social network received 35,000 official inquiries from governments around the world. that's up 24% from the previous six month period. google said its request was up 15%. facebook says it will continue to appeal on court rulings forcing it to hand over data. lots going on. tweet me. i'll tweet you back. get me @bbc aaron. very controversial. >> aaron, thank you very much. just going to bring you.
7:46 am
we heard president obama would hold a news conference reacting to developments of midterms overnight. good night for republicans. they've taken the senate as well as the lower house of representatives which they have any way. we're finding out that's 2:50 "gmt" time. we'll bring that live on bbc. that's during our world news today program. now stay with us here on bbc world news. still to come, a call for action. mexico's university students have a nationwide strike demanding more be done to find the university students missing now for weeks. i was right out of school. my family's all military. you don't know what to expect. then suddenly you're there... in another world. i did my job. you do your best. i remember the faces... how everything mattered... so much more. my buddies... my country... everything... and everyone i loved... back home. ♪ [ male announcer ] for all who've served and all who serve,
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we can never thank them enough. ♪
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hello. i'm karin. you're watching "gmt" on bbc world news. our top stories.
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republicans win control of the senate in the u.s. midterm elections increasing power in the final year of barack obama's presidency. israeli state police say one is killed and nine are injured after a man drove his car into a crowd in east jerusalem. now what happened to 43 missing mexican students is still a mystery. there have been developments in the story in recent days. the mayor of the town where they disappeared, one man and his wife have been arrested. they've been on the run from an arrest warrant. they ordered police to attack demonstrators and then the students were handed over to a crime gang. let's talk to someone who's family is from the state.
7:50 am
tell us about the investigation and arrest of this couple, the mayor and his wife. >> this is very important. there's been a lot of investigations. it's been five weeks they've been missing. people are asking where are they. they want answers. the family really wants answers. they've been looking for mass graves. they found 38 bodies, but none were of the students. they arrested more than 50 people. nobody knows where students are or their whereabouts. the mayor can have some answers. that's why the president said after they announced the arrest of imperial couple as they're called in mexican media they want to know if they can give some hints, some answers of where students are. >> the accusation is that this couple or one part of the couple ordered the picking up of students because they were going to propose a nuisance in the town where they were going to hold a political campaign rally. these students were threatening
7:51 am
to protest there. >> yeah. that's very significant. they were called them imperial couple because they could do more or less whatever they wanted. the mayor was married with the wife. the wife was in direct contact with the brothers accused of being leaders of drug cartels in the region. so you know, they say well we don't want them to be here. please get them away. the interview before running away, he said to police, don't treat them badly. that's the thing, we don't know where they are. there were killings 26th of september when it happened. six were killed at that time. they're accused for a lot of things. now of course more and more cases are coming on.
7:52 am
more investigations of allegedly what they did before this time only. >> briefly, the reaction. you're from the state. your family is there. the shock and horror of what this means is still very strong. >> yeah. the national a strike is national because people are afraid of corruption. so this is a reflection of what's happening in mexico. gap between poor and breach. this corruption and violence. people says this is enough. this is one case. there are 43 students missing. there's actually lots of people more affected in the country. we want to stop it. >> thank you very much. now let's turn our attention to other matters very far south. let's look at this possibly the cutest and fluffiest spy there's been. it was built by congress in the university.
7:53 am
they were carrying out a study of penguins. they found it impossible to get up close until they found the solution of this. >> we had no difficult at all because the birds are simply waiting for approaching rover. when rover is there, they are at distance to defend territory. there's a short distance we need for the investigation. it was another story because they retreated. they don't defend territory. the solution was to use a fake penguin to camouflage the rover.
7:54 am
it worked. the birds love the fake chick. we even add chicks and adults trying to vocalize and communicate with the fake chick. >> i think some will be asking for one of those for christmas. let's get more on our top story. the midterm elections in the u.s. dramatically shifting the balance of power. the republican holds both houses. if you've been watch bbc world news, here's a few things you miel might not have heard yet.
7:55 am
that's all for "gmt." i'll be back same time story. here's lucy telling us what's coming up on impact. >> hi. thanks so much.
7:56 am
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